Cedar Services Consulting

Henry C. Schmitt

2863 Beechwood Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-3114
(412) 421-8495
Qualifications: Fifteen years of experience in programming and systems administration positions, with recent experience administering and programming for World Wide Web servers. Masters Degree in Computer Science.
Skills: Programming Languages-Fluent: C, Perl, Unix Shell; Known: Assembly, Basic, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Lisp, Pascal, PL/1, RPG II.

Operating Systems Experience-Administered: Macintosh AppleShare, Unix (AIX, A/UX, BSD/OS, GNU/Linux, HP-UX, Mac OS X, OSF/1, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix); Used: MS-DOS, VMS, Windows, Windows NT.

Database Skills-Oracle, Perl DBI, PostgreSQL, SQL.

World Wide Web Skills-Web Servers Administered: Apache, NCSA HTTPd, NetPresenz, Netscape Commerce Server, Netscape Enterprise Server, Quid Pro Quo Plus, WebTen;
Administration Software Used: BrowserCounter, EIT Link Verify (No longer supported), getstats, Momspider, NetCarta Webmapper, RefStats, Summary, wwwstat;
Additional Web Skills-HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Programming.

Experience: Cedar Services Consulting, Pittsburgh, PA 1999 to Present

Internet Consultant-Sole Proprietor of consulting business.
Clients:Mellon Bank: Object-oriented Perl and UNIX Shell programming for TradeLinks project. Security procedure definition and Perl programming for Corporate Information Security.
Millennia Information Systems: HTML design and CGI programming in Perl for agelines.net project.
Family Alliance: Web site design and hosting of web site at www.familyally.org.

International Academy of Design and Technology, Pittsburgh, PA 1999 to Present

Adjunct Instructor-Part time instructor of courses in Introduction to UNIX, and UNIX Systems Administration.

Lycos, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA 1996 to 1999

Systems Engineer-CGI programming in Perl to handle input from HTML forms. Perl programming to produce reports on Web Site traffic from Web server logs. Develop tools for setup and installation of advertisements on service. Program scripts to assist in maintenance of databases. Assist setup of NTP time synchronization service.
Webmaster-Responsible for installing and administering internal web servers. Install and automate NetCarta's Webmapper to provide Editorial with reports on QA of services. Assist in QA and installation of Pages on service. Edit html to reduce size of Web Pages and reduce number of connections needed to server.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 1992 to 1996

Research Systems Programmer, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department-Installed and administered Departmental and College World Wide Web servers, including web security and automatically generated pages. Responsible for daily maintenance of the two Web servers. Provided and supported software to allow users to convert existing documents to html and create new web pages. Wrote cgi scripts in Perl and C to interface with existing Unix programs, and to handle input from forms.
System Administration for approximately 500 Unix workstations and Macintosh computers, including AFS distributed file system, NTP time synchronization, Operating System and software installation and updates.
Designed and implemented an account management system in Perl, to handle numerous users on hundreds of workstations. The system handles creation, maintenence and deletion of users' AFS accounts and volumes, and workstation accounts.

Research Programmer, Engineering Design Research Center-Designed and implemented a prototype-based object-oriented software development system suitable for rapid prototyping of user interfaces and other object based systems. The system was designed to allow easy encapsulation and use of other language libraries. Developed object-oriented software engineering procedures for use in industry.

SE Technologies, Inc., Bridgeville, PA 1991 to 1992

Product Manager-Responsible for designing and installing a Software Engineering process for development of a new version of software product. Goals included decrease of development time and increase in product quality.

Software Engineer-Implemented and maintained screen interface for product. Assisted in maintenance and improvement of existing product.

Zenith Electronics Corporation, Inc., Chicago, IL 1988 to 1991

Programmer-Designed and installed inventory control and tracking systems, and a materials usage system.

DePaul University, Chicago, IL 1988

Instructor-Developed and taught introductory seminars on operation of the Macintosh microcomputer.

Sales Force Companies, Inc., Schiller Park, IL 1985 to 1987

System Administrator-Administered operation of AT&T 3b series Unix systems. Also Programmer/Analyst.

Education: DePaul University, Chicago, IL 1987 to 1991

M.S. Computer Science, March 1991. GPA: 3.972/4.000.

B.A. Liberal Arts, June 1989. GPA: 3.585/4.000.