Cedar Services Consulting

Cedar Services provides a wide variety of Internet related services including Web Site Design, Web Site Hosting, Web Site Programming, Custom Perl Programming, World Wide Web and UNIX Instruction and Notarial Services.

  • Web Site Design - From simple page layout to design of entire business sites, no one has the experience we do with maximizing your resources.
  • Web Site Hosting - We team up with The Internet Business Pages to provide you with the best service.
  • Web Site Programming - cgi-bin programming is at the heart of the World Wide Web. Our experience makes us experts in the field.
  • Custom Perl Programming - We can provide programming not related to the web.
  • Database Programming - Experience with Perl DBI, SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL can help you interface you databse with the Web.
  • World Wide Web and UNIX Instruction - We also have professional training experience to help your company come up to speed on the Internet.
  • Notarial Services - Our Principal is a commissioned Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If you need the services of a Notary Public, call on us.
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